Aug 9th, 2019

Scripts from VAS Script Writing Program

Harmony in the Sky, Celeste Penetrante

Narrator - Key Boyd

Kyte -Mike Keating

Cloaked Person - Karlotta

Seiichi Hachitama - Rory Finnigan

News Anchor / Homeless Man - Birnie McIntosh

Rob - Blake Kimber

Karen - Catherine Lonsdale

Torri - Cassidy Campbell

You're Not From Around here, by Daniel Luck

Narrator - Janet Walmsley

Rider - Lonnie McDonald

Bruce - Adam Kirschner

Travis - Nck Vasilyev

Kid - Dayton Lewis

Blind Joe - Chris Cope

Lee - argh!, we didn't get your name!

Stranger - Dean Dawson

Lonely Woman - Tiffany Rice

Bartender / Sheriff - Ken McNicol

Liang's Demons, by Kirsten Abad

Narrator - Dale Willman

Liang - Quinh Mi

Jade - Kelly Pantaleoni

Welburn - David Lewis

Baron Jax - Angelo Renee

Buff Man #1 / Bartender -

Buff Man #2 /#4 - Ryan MacDonald

Buff Man #3 / Ben - Anthony Demare

Draft Baby, by Riley Blundell

Narrator - Deb Sears

Zoe - Maria didn't-leave-last-name

Katrina - Amanda Friesen

Emma - Victoria Souter

Brad / Little Boy / Recruitment Officer - Cole Breckell

Charles - Mark Kandborg

Lewis / Dr. Carter -

Suzie - Mariah Vander Zee

Little Girl / Distraught Woman - Jane Kusak

LG Mother / Happy Mother - Jennifer Kasun

July 8th, 2019

Ian is Going to Jail, pt 4, by Anna Forsyth

Narrator/Airline Agent: Janet Walmsley

Ian: Ed Appleby

Omar: Harris Allan

Max: Sara Bynoe

Jock: Pete Makotoko

Camilla: Seana O'Hanlen

Chloe, by Nikki Wallen
Narrator: Karlotta Krist

#28856: Selina Lohtia

Interviewer: Lonnie McDonald

Robin: Kaylin Metchie

Extraordinary, by Juliana Lopez Collado

Narrator - Stina Duval

Young Man/Farmer/Man/Photographer: Didier Brule-Champagne

Joao / Soldier 1 / Soldier 2 / Richard: Dean Dawson
Yaggo / Patrick: Glenn Farris
Grieving Mother / Lisa Forham: Toni Reimer

Miriam: Deb Sears

Headmaster Nicholas Park: Richard Lett

Fredrick Forham: Kirsh Lohtia
Jacky: Jennifer Smyth
Mrs. Anderson / Matilde / Mrs. Wright: Dale Willman
Megan: Liza Cosier
Natalie: Alice Mau
Lori / Christina : Chandra Fearnley

June 10th 2019

Crossworlds, by Bonnie Hay

Narrator - Cole Brechell

Karl - Ken McNicol

Pat - Dale William

Anne - Toni Reimer

Night Travels, by Ian Greenwell

Narrator - David Lewis

Dave - Cam Greirson

Karen - Sarah Lane

Jess - Pamela Masabo

Marge - Laurel Bailey

Butch - Dean Dawson

Plan B, by Robert Hamilton

Narrator - Nicolas Yee

Brenda - Michelle Brazinski

Kathy - Sarah Tole

Danica / Ms. Isackkson - 

Curtis - Micheal Simms

Harry - Ed Appleby

Nurse Vivian / Nurse - Ema Cam


Scott Perrie & his wife Leora, a set of 3 songs

May 13th 2019

'DEAD BEATS', by Chase Sander

Narrator - Dale Willman

Chase - Connor Rempel

Frankie - Magalie R. Bazinel

Principal Roberts - Lonnie McDonald

Justin - Shane Martin

Student #1 / Derry the Ghost - Riley Orr

Student #2 / Lemonade Kid - Selina Lohan

Marco - Cyril Redillas

'BLACK BIRD WINKS',  by Tommy & Kitty Simpson

Narrator - Janet Walmsley

Owen Blondell - Chris Cope

Tseea - Amanda Sullo

Robot Raven - Ed Appleby

Pixie Purdue - C.K. Kaur

Merry - Emma Pedersen

Joey - Gregory Vander Mark

Grace Blondell - Deb Sears

Dougie - Ken McIncol

Teddy - Angelo Rene

Neurologist/Gallery Owner/Marvin - Glen Faris 

Stephen Hawking/Dr. Blatherwick/Addict #2 - Adam Abrams

Garth/Doctor - Ian Crowe

Darlene - Tina-Marie

Soccer Girl #1/#2/#3 -Karlotta Krist

April 8th 2019

Ian is Going to Jail' part 3 by Anna Forsyth - Feature

Narrator: Janet Walmsley

Ian Kassovich: Shane Martin

Omar Jackson: Peter Graf

Max Levine: Ashleigh Davidson

Jock Hamilton: Brett Harrison

Camilla Bishop: Kassidee Campbell

Doug: Ken McNicol

Dave: Rui Rodrigues

AJ: David Grantham

'Toast' by Adrianne Cunningham - Short

Narrator: Dale Willman

Bob: Dean Dawson

Marcy: Selina Lohan

Jogging Leader: Trish Sewell

Jogger: Zdena Sewell Sattler

'Afterglow', part 3 by Peter Boychuk - Feature

Narrator: Jennifer Kasun

Alex: Pierre Garau

Anna:Karlotta Krist

Mitch: Richard Lett

Joyce: Meghan Nordquist

Nat: Rebecca Matzov

Grandma: Angelica Stirpe

Harp: Quynh Mi

March 11th 2019

Afterglow, by Peter Boychuk

Narrator - Janet Glassford

Alex - Jeffrey Lando

Anna - Alexis Quednau

Nat / Waitress - Kailyn Olsen

Jail Stories, by Lynn Hale

Narrator - Dale William

Hal - Travis Bernhardt

Glen - Ryan Feldman

Carl / Raymond - Lonnie McDonald

Pete / Dave - Peter Ciuffa

Harry - Blare Babineau

Grace - Cassidy Campbell

Annette - Leslie Appleton

Lorna - Katherine Alpen

Melinda - Karen Hale

Ghost Crow, by Allan Hopkins

Narrator -  Ken Hegan

Silas - Peter Gray

Naomi / Carrie - Alexis Quednau 

Anemy - Angelo Renai

Makawee - Janet Walmsley

Pallaton - Jamie Andrews

March 4th, 2019 - UBC Screenwriter's Episode

By Meagan Black


KAREN small, sarcastic undergrad; female, 18-20

RAY best friend, also 18-20, male

ROBOTIC VOICE a pre-recorded message

ANNOUNCER announces title and episode, reads quote

Finn McKain and the Hunt For Toad
Full length feature
By Jessica Bradford

Finn McKain 
(Male, 16, any ethnicity) - Looks 13 years old and is very insecure, suffering from social anxiety. He comes from a farm outside a small town in the UK. He is naturally inward-looking and generally reticent, preferring to keep his head down and skate. He has a sweet nature. (If an English accent is adopted, be aware that he working/middle class, not posh!)

Tess (Female, 7, any ethnicity) - Tess is 7 going on 37. She does not suffer fools lightly. She is tough as nails and knows her own mind; fearless and bossy rather than manipulative. Her one weakness is Toad (her "Totally Awesome Oral Device".) Toad is basically an old soother with a blankie tied to it. This refusal to give up her baby soother is one of the reasons she can remain so strong to the outside world. She has promised her mum she will give it up when she turns 8, or when all her front teeth come out, whichever happens first. Canadian.

Isobel (Female, early 40’s, any ethnicity) - Finn’s mum. Quiet strength. She used to be a champion skateboarder in her own right. She’s worried for her son, but would never dream of fussing over him.

UK Announcer (Male, any age, any ethnicity) - Expert skateboarder with all the lingo. He knows he's cool.

Alana (Female, 18, any ethnicity) - Finn's big sister. Sarcastic and unhelpful. She thinks Finn is a loser.

Will (Male, 16, any ethnicity) - Skateboarder who thinks he is hot shit - and it's true, he's a pretty good skateboarder. He's Finn's frenemy - an extrovert who likes to make fun of Finn behind his back.

Charlie ( Female, 16, any ethnicity) - Charlie also thinks a lot of herself. She's smart, sly, sweet on the surface and manipulative underneath.

Canada Airport Announcer (Male or female, adult, any ethnicity) - Bland.

Natasha (Female, late 30s, any ethnicity) - Tess's mum. She is stressed from working too many hours and having to look after Tess while her husband is away battling forest fires. Always juggling mental tasks.

Immigration Officer (Male or female, adult, any ethnicity) - Bored.

The Apartment
BY: Izzy Laird
TV Series, Pilot Episode


Teddy Moretti (Female, 25, any ethnicity) - Recently fired from her communications job and then dumped by 7-year boyfriend, Teddy is back home and floundering. She wants friends and a purpose, but doesn’t realize that she needs to know herself better, first. She's become overly dependent on others – mostly Moosa. She wants to do her best and is willing to try anything, which leads others such as Miriam, to takes advantage. Despite being fired, Teddy is excellent at communications, advertising, and marketing.

David Moretti (Male, 65, any ethnicity) - Big, funny and warm. David was born to be a dad. He believes that if his children can be successful in the world by themselves, then he’s done his job well. David wants all three of his children to find their own version of success. Diagnosed a few years ago with myeloma, a form of blood cancer, he is unable to be fully there for his children, which hurts him more deeply than they know. David was married to Teddy’s mother, Gale, for 10 years, until their divorced because of David’s stubbornness and unwillingness to travel. David then married Heidi when Teddy was 10, and had Hugo and Frederica in quick succession after the wedding. David divorced Heidi after she cheated on him 4 years into their marriage. He hasn’t been with anyone since.

Hugo Moretti (Male, 16, any ethnicity) - Hugo is a broody teen. When he was younger, he and Teddy got along really well, but now he resents the fact that she never came home to see him while working as ad exec – their relationship is going to be difficult for Teddy to salvage. He’s spontaneous and loyal, but once that loyalty breaks, he’s out for revenge. Hugo feels stuck in the building – he’s a teenager with too little privacy, and nowhere to release his wild energy.

Frederica Moretti (Female, 15, any ethnicity) - Frederica looks up to her older brother Hugo a lot, and to a lesser degree, to her older sister Teddy. Frederica is fun, curious, kind, and naive. As the youngest sibling, she enthusiastically fills the classic “instigator of play” role.

Moosa Najjar (Male, 32, Scottish/Lebanese-Canadian) - Moosa wants to be the most innovative architect in Canada. There has been one standard style of multi-functional building across Canada in recent years, but he wants to design a new and improved version. He also wants to raise his son Naim as best he can. Moosa embraces both his Scottish and Lebanese-Canadian cultures. He is idealistic, caring, and thoughtful, but can also get too caught up in his own ideas to listen to anybody else. This tendency led to a divorce with his wife Salma, and it still occasionally hinders his relationship with Naim.

Naim Najjar (Male, 10, Scottish/Lebanese-Canadian) - Naim is Moosa and Salma’s only son. Following parents’ divorce, Naim has grown increasingly eager to avoid conflict, and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Naim is just as resourceful and creative as his dad, and wants to prove it, even if Moosa doesn’t always pay enough attention. He doesn’t have a lot of friends his own age, because he’s often caught up in his own world of video games and 3D designs. Naim is caught between acting like an adult and a kid, and while he often likes to appear grown-up, he’s too scared of change to really spread his wings.

Jonathan (Male, 55, any ethnicity) - Moosa’s boss. Jonathan is your best friend in an unfair system, but he won’t change the system for you. He’s on Moosa’s side, but he won’t step out of line from the mainstream norms of the building. Jonathan is charming, frank, handsome, and aggravatingly hard to dislike.

Marvin (Male, any age, any ethnicity) - The artificial intelligence units called Marvins are installed on every floor and serve the people of the building, while upholding federal and provincial laws (using only gentle reprimands, since they are incapable of using physical force against humans). Marvin wants nothing more than to make your day better, any way he can, and is often perplexed by Miriam’s attempts to subvert his various systems. Marvins are not quite self-aware, yet, though many people speculate and spread rumours that they might be.

Miriam Blair (Female, 15, any ethnicity) - Miriam is a hacker and self-described “cyberpunk quasi-anarchist.” Home schooled and sequestered away in her apartment, she does everything she can to veer outside of her sheltered lifestyle. Her parents, while loving, don’t give her enough room to grow, indulging only her love of gardening – Miriam loves plants because they have evolved to survive any climate, something she hopes to achieve one day. She fears that her face and personal information is being stored in Marvin’s surveillance systems without her consent, without her ability to control how she is perceived. She’s about to become an adult, but has no experience in the real world, and struggles between self-reliance and a need for belonging.

Frances Blair (Female, 86, any ethnicity) - Frances Blair decided to have children at 70 years old, because she’s a late bloomer, and was only ready to do so once she had retired. Medical technology has advanced far enough that Frances was able to actually give birth to Miriam, rather than adopting or using a surrogate. After Miriam’s birth, Frances begins to feel the fast pace of the world once again, and fears that she’s falling behind. She doesn’t want Miriam to be caught up in adulthood too soon, before she’s ready, because when Frances first entered the work force, she was somewhat broken by the harshness of the world. George has been her best friend and life partner for 36 years.

George Blair (Male, 89, any ethnicity) - For much of his life, George created video games and was CEO of a huge gaming corporation called HUP. He made one of the most popular games in recent history, Big Society, an MMORPG in which players compete by building virtual cities. He was married once before his marriage to Frances, to a man who didn’t want children. For much of his life, George didn’t want children either, but in his 40s, he realized he wanted to help raise a new generation to make the world a better place. He divorced his husband, and met Frances soon after. Ever since, George can’t believe his luck; he gets to share his life with such a wonderful pair of people.

January 30, 2017 - UBC Screenwriter's Episode

Like A Thief In The Night by Kyle D'Odorico (Vancouver)

  • Narrator - Janet Glassford

  • Holly - Aleita Northey

  • Michael - Riaan Smit

  • Davinder/Doctor - Dominic Fugere

  • Adam/Teenage Nobody - Elijah Silva

  • Father Kilpatrick/Rory - Fred Keating

  • Mary/Joan - Lori Triolo

  • Yanna/Emma/Pub Girl - Mona Hassanien

  • Siobhan/Laura - Katherine Wortley

Peace And The Good by Merrell-Ann S. Phase (Winnipeg)

  • Narrator - Julie Boersema

  • Therese/Old Therese - Allyson Grant

  • Father Superior/Male Tourist/Ken/Johnny - Scott McGrath

  • Sebastian - Jonathan Reiswig

  • Baby Paulette/Paulette/Hester/Girl - Corina Bizim

  • Senior Priest/Principal/Chief - Garth Barriere

  • Michael/Random Kid 2 - Brendan Taylor

  • Samaritan/William Commanda/Friend #1 - Dave Campbell

  • Mary/Female Reporter/Random Kid 1 - Amanda Prasow

Bees Are Dying by Michael Glassbourg (Toronto)

  • Narrator - Lisa Michelle

  • Jordan - Daniel Diemer

  • Monica - Maria J. Cruz

  • Rudy - Todd Dulmage

  • Sarah/Mary Jo/Kiki/Inge - Jayde Randle

  • Interested Woman/Crystal - Jessica Fernandes

  • Evelyn - Nikki Bryce

  • Ziggy/Kirby - Kyal Scott

  • Ernie/Jon/Pete/Man Who Has Been Listening/George - Angelo Renai

  • Orville/Rubicoff - David C. Jones

  • Scott/Dr. Kirsch - Bill McNaughton

Edu.Kate by Peter Lockyer (New York)

  • Narrator - Colin Spears

  • Kate - Patti Kim

  • Mark/Bartender - Victor Ayala

  • John Fisher - Brendan Taylor

  • Carter/Luis - Evan Sudds

  • Angie - Jen Laporte

  • Esi/Barbara - Kimberley Ndlovu

  • Preston/Marcus/Keith - Blaine Anderson

  • Sam Salinger - Shaun Fry