CRS Submission Guidelines

The CRS accepts submissions year round.  To submit your script for consideration, use the form below!
Each submission is $5.00. 

This form may be used for General Submissions.

All feature films, tv episodes, web series scripts, and short film scripts submitted will be considered for programming for the whole season. Please be patient.


  • Title page with your contact information (Name, address, telephone number, and email address)

  • A note about the medium/ format of your script (ex: short film, one-act play, teleplay, feature, etc.)

  • Your availability as attendance is mandatory.

  • A logline/ very brief synopsis of the script, no more than 3 sentences

  • Character breakdown with brief descriptions for casting purposes


  • Please follow the appropriate industry formatting standard for your script. If unsure try using Celtx, a free online script format software.

  • Please send scripts via the Dropbox Submission Request using the BUTTON BELOW.

If your script exceeds the 20 page limit, send the entire script and clearly indicate in your email which 20 pages you would like considered for programming (eg. pg. 22-42). Generally we are unable to read more than 25 pages of features, pilots etc. as we like to read 3 or for 4 scripts per event.

Final Notes about Script Submission

  • Work-in-progress and premieres only please.

  • Your work does not have to be a final draft, but please proofread and review it to ensure that it is ready to be read.

  • The CRS producers reserve the right to make programming choices.

  • We are unable to provide feedback to writers.

  • If you are still not sure if your script will work? Come down and see what we’re programming!


1. Pay $5 per script.

If you plan on submitting more than one script at a time, please pay for the total number of scripts you will be submitting. 

2. Fill out the submission form.

Make sure you fill out ONE SUBMISSION FORM PER SCRIPT. Thanks!

Name *
We hold episodes on the 2nd Monday of the month. Every 2nd month in the fall/winter & monthly in the spring/summer.
Submission Type *

3. Submit your script.

Submissions are made via DROPBOX but you DO NOT need a Dropbox account to upload your file to the Cold Reading Series Dropbox.