Information for Actors

“When people ask me how to break into independent film, I tell them about The Cold Reading Series.”

– Benjamin Ratner, Actor, Writer, Director

Are you an actor looking for an opportunity to hone your cold reading skills live on stage? At the CRS we cast brand new scripts on the spot and then watch them fly in front of a live audience.

No rehearsals. This is live.

We pre-select scenes from script submissions. At 6:30 p.m. the CRS team begins to assign about 40 roles in an hour. It’s a lightning-fast casting frenzy. Actors have only a short time to read through their scripts, ask the writer any questions they may have before going live in front of the audience. But the CRS is more than just ‘reading’. The best actors make strong choices and live in the moment. Be alive – no one wants to watch a boring conversation on stage.

Getting in on the act

You don’t have to submit your head shot and resume around here, just come on down. If we’ve got something for you, we’ll let you know. If you don’t read on your first night, don’t worry, we’ll see you next time!

Remember: Casting starts at 6:30 pm. If it’s your first time – don’t be shy – come say hello, tell us about yourself, grab a drink, and watch the readings. You’ll get an idea of how we work.

Tips for Actors

  • When you are given a role, go through your script. Don’t hesitate to talk to the writer and ask questions. You are representing their work.

  • The purpose of the Cold Reading Series is to allow the writer to hear their work read aloud. So stick to what’s on the page.

  • This is a seated reading. No rehearsal = no blocking.

  • Consider going through the script with actors reading the other roles, this will help create a more cohesive reading on stage.

  • Project your voice for everyone to hear. Use your “theatre” voice!

  • Keep a good pace and be alive when you read. A lively pace brings energy to the story.